While buying a ballroom dress various questions are likely to arise in your mind. What is a perfect ballroom dress? What is a suitable color for a ballroom costume? What is the right ‘texture’? Well, cool down and let’s check all these out in brief in the following passages. Keep scrolling down to learn more about choosing the right color and texture for your ballroom dress.

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Selecting the right color and texture for ballroom dress

Color is something that is very significant and can increase the appearance of the dance dress and that of yours on the stage incredibly. Color helps in creating the mood for your dance performance whether it is tango or cha-cha-cha. Colors add deep meanings, evoke emotions, and make your performance more impactful.

Whether you want to express happiness or sadness, there are suitable colors for every act. You need to pick bright or subtle colors as per your performance. Now, how to pick a suitable color for your ballroom dress? If you are seriously interested in learning more about choosing colors for your dance dress, choose the artist’s color wheel that you will easily get from an art supply store.

Remember, your colors should complement but not fight the mood of your dance performance. If you are trying to evoke a happy, light, and airy feeling through your dance performance, you should avoid dark colors and choose something vibrant. For presenting an edgy performance, choosing pastel shades such as pink, aqua would be a great move.

Now, after you eliminate the wrong colors for your ballroom dress, it is time to focus on other factors such as coloring. In this part, you can make a good use of color ‘palette’. Different colors complement different complexions and different hair colors. Therefore, if you are planning for dying your hair, keep this in mind.

The color that complements a brunette may not be complementary to a redhead or a blonde. Are you acquainted with the cool and warm colors? This is a basic sense of color what makes you look good and feel confident. And you often apply these ideas while choosing your regular clothing options.

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The other significant fact – if you’re are dancing with a group with the other participants wearing matching costumes, you too need to choose a complimentary color even when you don’t like the color at all. On the other flip, if it is your solo performance, choose a color that you like.

Now, apart from color, texture is the other significant factor you should consider while choosing your fabric.

The textures are basically shiny and matte, whether you choose prints, velvets, glitters, and others. Also, added rhinestones create a different texture. Be careful while doing experiments with different textures. Although there are no particular rule but you need to apply your artistic sensibilities here. And when it looks perfect, you are probably good to go with it.

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