Simplicity and freshness are the main attractions of Italian cuisine. If you are fond of cheese, pasta, fresh basil, tomato and olive oil, you are definitely in love with Italian cuisine. However, if you ask different Italian cuisine enthusiasts, they will come with their own favourite aspects of this distinctive cuisine. However, in Perth, if you haven’t tried this culinary adventure yet, it is time you visit an authentic Italian restaurant in Perth because this is the best place to explore the true taste of Italy. In the following passages, you can learn the exclusive traits of Italian food that you can enjoy in authentic Italian restaurants.    

A variety of carbs

Italian cuisine introduces you to 310 forms of pasta! How do you like your pasta? Rolled, folded, filled, stuffed, layered, baked–you can have all the options here. You can opt for lasagne, cannelloni, mac n’ cheese and these are just to name a few. Then it comes to the other stuff–pizza and don’t forget their melt-in-mouth risotto. Different Italian restaurants offer different versatile menus. Well, the menu may be different restaurant wise, but all the authentic Italian menu features fresh ingredients.

Nightshades are embraced

Unlike most of the other cuisines that are not very experimental with the nightshades, Italian cuisine celebrates these types of vegetables. Italians love using tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, tomatillos, etc. The ‘red sauce’ or fresh tomato sauce is generously used in Italian cuisine. The other vegetables and ingredients that this distinctive cuisine celebrates are zucchini, garlic, fresh herbs and others.

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Cured meat

Italians love using the head-to-tail parts of the slaughtered source of meat while they also prefer preserving and curing the meat. These types of meat are what they enjoy year-round. The cured meat options are quite countless that feature salami, sopressa, pancetta, gianciale, salsicce, cotechino, lardo, zampone, coppa, mazzarelle, prosciutto, capicolla, bresaola. mortadella, speck dell’Alto Adige, and more.

Dairy products  

Italian cuisine quite generously uses cream and cheese in their dishes whether it is panna cotta, gelato, gorgonzola, melty fontina, burrata, pecorino, mascarpone, or it is parmesan, ricotta, Taleggio, dolcelatte or tiramisu. And yes, Italians are fond of coffee. In Italian restaurants, you will get the dishes featuring all these ingredients. 

Simplicity is the key ingredient

Whether it is pizza, pasta, arancini, lasagne, psso buco, ribollita, or it is tiramisu, or gelato, simplicity is the key ingredient in every Italian dish. Any dish you choose you will find they use some handful yet fresh ingredients.

It is a minimalist cuisine that wins your heart every time you visit an authentic Italian restaurant.  If you think or carbonara, it takes spaghetti, cheese, olive oil, herbs, garlic as basics while if you take pizza you need flour, eggs, red sauce, cheese, herbs and that is it. The desserts also feature simplicity with a handful of ingredients.         

The Italian restaurant to visit

Visit Prego Restaurant for enjoying authentic Italian dishes, as this is one of the Italian restaurants in Perth. Visit to learn more about their services and facilities.

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